Wismec is well known in the vaping industry as one of the top manufacturers and usually stick to the mid-high priced box mods. Now they want to explore a new market, releasing a number of models that suit the cheaper and more price conscious consumer. The Sinous V80 is a small, simple vape mod that uses just one 18650 battery (not supplied), and has variable wattage up to 80W. That may sound slightly restricted, but to be honest, 80W is plenty of power to vape with, what concerns us is the single battery. Usually, with single batter devices, the power is good for the first few vapes, then drops off considerably.

Anyhow, in this review, we’ll be checking out how the Wismec Sinous V80 performs against other single battery mods, and we’ll also find out if this cheaper mod is worth considering!

The Wismec Sinous V80

The design on the Wismec Sinous V80 is pretty simple, but still pretty appealing, with its semi-transparent casing and simple button features which are laid out well. The tank that comes with the device, at first, seemed a little disappointing as it’s made of plastic, but too be honest, we forgot about that pretty soon!

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