Smokeless cigarettes as the name suggests can be described in their most basic form as an alternative to traditional cigarettes that do not use tobacco as the core element for the cigarette. You will most likely have heard about smokeless cigarettes by one of the many names that they are also referred to as including those below:

  • Electronic cigarette
  • E-cigarette
  • E-cig
  • Battery powered cigarette

One of the key aspects of opting for a smokeless cigarette is that it can be seen as a means to enjoy some of the benefits of traditional smoking but without a number of the common drawbacks including the well documented health risks of inhaling smoke, the unappealing odours that tobacco smoke causes, the staining often resulting from the long term handling of standard cigarettes and the passive impacts of traditional smoking on friends, family and the general population in your immediate location.
So what do you get from a smokeless cigarette?

Firstly, and perhaps often seen as one of the most important features of the smokeless cigarette is that you get that nicotine hit that you enjoy. This type of e-cigarette generally produces an inhaled vapor from liquid nicotine and can come in many favorable formats from refillable cartridges and rechargeable batteries to varying nicotine strengths, starter kits and customizable e-cigs for you to stamp your personality on what you smoke.
Why are smokeless cigarettes so popular?

Although a consensus on the direct health benefits of smokeless cigarettes has yet to be reached by the main health organizations (especially in the US) there appears to be a consensus that the e-cig is a far better alternative to smoking tobacco or inhaling smoke.

Many people see e-cigarettes as alternatives to smoking, an aid to giving up smoking and a great way to still have that nicotine hit without many of the well-known downsides of smoking tobacco cigarettes. Check out our detailed article on the best e cig products.

Many young adults are also very happy with the fact that you can smoke electronic cigarettes anywhere and everywhere and they can be seen as a great way of enjoying the social element of smoking without the limitations imposed by smoking bans in most of Europe and the western world.


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