Understanding Sub-Ohm Tanks

Whenever you want to become an enthusiast of big clouds, then you can always look out for sub ohm tanks. These are pure atomizers which are specifically designed for big clouds. The atomizers need powerful mods which can produce high wattage for effective performance. The sub tanks then release a ton of airflow where they were ideally designed to simulate the dripping experience. With the convenience of the tank, anyone can now become a cloud chaser.

Sub ohm tanks are specifically made for direct lung vaping where they use pre-built coil heads that work with 0.5 ohms or lower for efficiency. The coil heads use cotton wicks but other manufacturers previously used different wicking materials such as pulpwood while others used advanced coils containing double or triple mesh. All these innovations have made a huge impact on the production of different flavors.

The Working of a Sub-Ohm tank

Sub ohm tanks operate just like the regular vape tank but equipped to work under high powered setting. The tanks operate coil heads which are replaceable attached at the base of the tanks. the cotton wick then absorbs the e-juice which turns into vapor in coming into contact with the hot coil. This happens when you puff on the tank where the suction you make pulls the e-juice towards the coil. Modern substance comes with a special kind of filling system which is commonly a top fill where the sub ohm tanks enable wide open airflow which enables direct lung draw which also prevents the coils from overheating.

The Benefits of Sub-Ohm Tanks

  • They are more convenient than the counterpart rebuildable
  • Wide and efficient airflow
  • Big and massive clouds
  • Produces intensified flavors
  • Enables vaping in high wattages
  • Can work efficiently with high Vg e-liquid flavors

Convenience and huge clouds are the major benefits of sub ohm tanks. The tanks ideal invention reason was to make vaping easily accessible. In recent times, their performance has leveled and even much better when compared with rebuildable atomizers. Vapors do not need to build coils any more or need to have the skills of complex electrical concepts as the tanks utilize pre-made coils which can be replaced easily. They are also compatible with Vg e-liquid flavors which are not possible with MTL tanks that use high resistance coils.

Sub ohm tanks enable you to enjoy more flavor at once from the increased vapor production which is not possible with tighter airflow tanks. Individuals can even enjoy different notes of the juice taste different when using 20 watts operated MTL coil from what it would taste on 200 watts operated super tank.

We take a look at the best e cig products where we also cover sub-ohm vaping products.

The latest sub ohm tanks enable you to experience with different coils as you will find some which are compatible with temperature control. Sub ohm tanks enable the experience of impressive clouds and intense flavor through the combination of high performance and various options. They offer the greatest vaping experience to individuals who like chuck clouds without any fuss where you only need to pop in the coil, fill up and start enjoying the vaping experience.

Drawbacks of sub ohm tanks

  • They can’t work with MTL vaping
  • Consumes battery power at a higher rate
  • Consume the liquid at a higher rate
  • It’s not discreet at all
  • You have to purchase coils regularly

You have realized that you can’t experience tight draw experience as you would when using MTL even if you try to close the air flow. Another drawback is that they are not stealthy as compared to smaller devices where they emit a huge cloud of vapor whenever you go. It is like a trade-off where you have to pay a very high price for a simple sub ohm experience.

They also drain your battery fast as they require more power to operate. This makes them to consume more juice at a go but these may depend on the type of coil you are using. Price is also another factor that you need to consider as it can add up very fast where you need to replace the coils every week especially if you are that individual fond of vaping on premium e-juices.

Choosing the best ohm tank

You will find that the market avails numerous types of ohm tanks which compromises decision making. To help you out in making a purchasing decision, here are some of the factors you need to consider.

The capacity of the juice that the ohm tank can hold. For individuals who don’t want to refill every now and then, you can always go for a larger capacity ohm tank.

Choose an ohm tank that will be easy to refill

For those who want to experience the best flavors, you can always go for sub tanks which uses mesh and advanced wicking materials

The latest sub ohm tanks enable improved flavor production that does not compromise the cloud department.

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