Giving up smoking is undoubtedly one of the single most challenging lifestyle and health changes that a person can undertake. Despite a great number of marketing campaigns to drive home to people the requirements to quit smoking, including the recent “Smoke Free” second-hand smoke campaign known for the passive smoking “80% of smoke is invisible” strap line, people are still looking for stop smoking aids that can assist them in their efforts.

There are many stop smoking aids available in the UK and USA market places and smoking cessation devices that range massively in cost, availability, documented success rates and more however, the rise of the e-cig (also known as electronic cigarette, e-cigarette and smokeless cigarette among other terms) as a non smoking aid has without doubt been the most tangible.

So why would someone chose an e-cig as opposed to going cold turkey and give up smoking completely and in all of its forms?

Reasoning to opt for aids to help stop smoking will of course differ from person to person but the following are some of the more common thoughts expressed.

  • To have a physical smoking aid to replace the habit of having a traditional cigarette in your hand
  • So that people can enjoy the nicotine hit from an electronic cigarette without many of the health problems associated with tobacco cigarettes
  • For people to have a cigarette in areas where you cannot smoke tobacco cigarettes (post smoking bans in many countries) this can include smoking e cigs in pubs, offices, on the streets, in shops and almost anywhere
  • To save money – electronic cigarettes are seen as a substantially cheaper aid to stopping smoking due to the reusable elements of the e cigs and the comparatively high costs of smoking especially in the Western world

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Do stopping smoking aids actually work?

The best way to see if something works is to find out what people who are actually using the aids for giving up smoking and to see their success stories. On this e cigarette reviews site you will see an ever growing number of e cig users who have (and continue to) give up smoking with the use of these aids and a great deal of personal motivation.

It is important to state that medical professionals opinions on the use of electronic cigarettes for non smoking aids does vary from country to country and historically these electronic cigarette devices have not been given the official seal of approval from many professional bodies and for treatments like Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT).


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