Although widely adopted in the US, China and many other countries the development of the UK electronic cigarette has been arguably a slower acceptance into the lifestyle and social choices of the current traditional UK smoking population however this is now changing and in a BIG way.

There are many new companies setting up solely to promote, manufacture and/or supply UK electronic cigarettes.

So why has the UK e-cig taken off?

A better question may be why it took longer to take off than perhaps expected as there are many benefits to the e-cig compared to the standard cigarette – some of which we can see below.

Style – electronic cigarettes not only have much greater levels of styles, looks and designs for you to choose from they also enable you (in some cases) to add you own design to them and therefore have bespoke smokeless cigarettes. Check out the detailed article on the best e cig devices to get more of an idea. This has meant that the young adult population in the UK has started to move away from traditional smoking to what many consider giving up smoking by using these stop smoking aides.

Savings – as e-cigarettes are reusable, have replacement parts (cartridges, filters, batteries and more) the weekly, monthly and annual savings that a standard smoker can make are vast. In these economic climates looking into additional areas that you can look for saving money can only be a positive.

Social – unlike tobacco based cigarettes you can smoke electronic cigarettes in the UK pretty much anywhere and everywhere. As they do not produce smoke and are often odourless they are not subject to the same bans and therefore constraints of the standard cigarette.

Health – although using nicotine in liquid form they carry many health preferences above that of tobacco and traditional smoking. You are not inhaling smoke and as such not being subject to the health concerns associated with inhaling smoke. In addition to this they are not tobacco based and can be seen as a legitimate alternative to smoking and many people use them as a means to quit smoking.

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