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Some call vape pens the best electronic cigarette devices to start vaping with for a number of reasons, which include simplicity of use, good vapor production, relatively cheap and that they are a great way to experience vaping potential.

It was only a few days ago, where we explored the best vape starter kits, but today we are just going to look at vape pens, and determine which out of a large list of devices is the best vape pen of 2020.

Why Choose A Vape Pen?

Vape pens are most peoples first choice when choosing to switch to vapes for a number of reasons, these include:

  • The are easy to use
  • They are small and convienent
  • The cost is reasonably low to setup
  • Most allow you to use any eliquid brand or flavor
  • Most allow you to try different vaping techniques (direct and mouth to lung)
  • Vape Pens are reliable
  • They create a great flavor and vape if you pick the right one

With that said, the last point is probably the most important. Vape pens are an excellent choice if you pick the right one! So we are now going to look at the best vape pens on the market, to make sure you pick one that is right for you and will excel your vaping experience.

We conducted a number of tests and asked, the experts in the field to give us their opinion on the best vape pens, and they showed us that there was a little more to it than just picking one vape pen. We decided to break this list into a number of categories to make it as simple as possible to follow and choose.

The Best Vape Pen Per Category

The Best Vape Pen For A New User

Most new vapers come from a smoking background, so they are probably used to drawing in a mouth to lung fashion. For this reason, it is important that new vapers look for a vape pen that offers coils above 1-ohm. This created resistance in the airflow and results in a similar experience to smoking.


Best vape pen for a new user

The VaporFi VAIO GO is a great choice of the vape pen that offers a vape similar to smoking, thanks to the coils they have available. The company also offers a free bottle of e-liquid so you can start vaping as soon as you receive the device.

Best Vape Pen For A Regular Vaper

The most important aspect of a vape pen for a regular user is the reliability of the flavor and the cloud hit. We recommend that a regular vaper choose a vape pen that offers mesh coils. These types of coils produce the best flavor on the market, and although most brands have mesh coils available, not all do.

SMOK Stick V8

Vape Pen for an intermediate user

We chose the SMOK Stick V8 vape pen as the best vape pen for regular vapers for a couple of reasons. First, the vast number of coils available for this tank is great, you need to test the different coil resistances as each produces a slightly different flavor. The flavor is great on this vape pen, the internal battery has enough power to really produce a great amount of vapor and a smooth vape, making it one of the most reliable vapes on the market.

Most vape shops hold this vape pen is stock and carry plenty of choice of coils, simply because it is so popular in the vaping community.

Best Vape Pen For an Experienced Vaper

The more experienced vape users are looking for a vape pen that has features to custom their vaping to their personal choice. This includes certain power features like variable wattage, and vape modes, along with essential physical features like a long battery life, controlled airflow, top fill tanks and other features.

FreeMax Twister

VApe Pen for experienced users

The FreeMax Twister vape pen is a perfect choice of a vape pen for the more experienced vaper which includes a tank that utilizes mesh coils and nice airflow control, along with the pen having adjustable wattage control up to 80W

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