How To Find The E-Cigs in 2020

When looking for the best e cig there are a number of things to consider, whether it is producing the biggest vape clouds, maximizing the flavor of your e-liquid or choosing a vape that’s easy to use and can be carried around with you. Nevertheless, all the top e-cig brands have something to offer, and we are going to look further at the best on the market.

We completed the study ourselves, as experienced vapers, then took the list to a number of vaping experts to see what they thought and how we could tweak the list to better satisfy our readers, resulting in an ultimate list that covers all the basics and advanced features that any e-cig user would enjoy and benefit from.

Mig 21 Clear Fusion Vape Pen Kit Morpheus Vape Mod Kit image VaporFi VAIO GO vape pen e-cigarette
Mig 21 – Clear Fusion Morpheus E-Cigarette Kit VaporFi VAIO GO E-Cig
  • Includes spare battery
  • Includes 3 tanks
  • Good vapor production
  • High Wattage Output
  • Long battery life
  • Excellent vapor production
  • Simple to use
  • Small and compact
  • Good vapor production
Score – 9.5 Score – 9.0 Score – 8.5

Finding the best e cig sometimes takes a little research. Don’t be put off, we make it simple!

A Little About The Best E Cigs

So that was simple, right? Well, no not really, not all is as simple when choosing from these 3 e-cigs. Each one would suit a different e-cigarette user, so now we will do our best to explain which one of these 3 would suit the different type of user.

Mig 21 – Clear Fusion

Mig 21 ecig vapor - larger picture
  • Great Throat Hit
  • Selection of Colors
  • Perfect For A New User

The Clear Fusion E-Cigarette starter kit from Mig Vapor is an ideal e-cig for a new user. Considering its size it produces a good vapor using just 4.2 volts, which is low compared to the other e-cigarettes on our list. The airflow is a little resistant, meaning it will suit a more smoking style of vaping, where you take the vape into your mouth, then into your lungs. This is known as mouth to lung vaping.

The Clear Fusion e-cig kit also benefits from using any e-liquid you desire, whether its from Mig Vapor, or any other seller of e-liquids. Which means you get the benefit of thousands of different flavors.

Morpheus E-Cigarette Kit

morpheus ecig mig vapor - Large picture
  • Great Throat Hit
  • 2 Coil Selections
  • Perfect For Longer Term Vapers

The Morpheus E-Cigarette Kit is also produced by Mig Vapor, making then one of the best vape suppliers for both new and intermediate users. It is slightly larger than the Clear Fusion kit, but for that, you get a larger battery that not only lasts longer but creates a more powerful vape that produces more vapor. This type of electronic cigarette is, therefore, more suited to slightly more experienced vapor who prefers vaping directly to the lungs, known as direct lung inhales. This is obviously where you breath in the vapor directly to your lungs without holding in your mouth first.

Again the Morpheus E-Cigarette Kit allows you to use any e-liquid you desire, giving you an open choice of flavors and is also portable enough to carry in your pocket.

VaporFi VAIO GO E-Cig

VaporFi VAIO GO e-cig pen - Large Picture
  • Great Throat Hit
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • Multiple Coil Selection

The VAIO GO E-Cig from VaporFi should suit most vapers, whether you want to use the mouth to lung, or direct lung inhales style, the VAIO Go supports both with multiple size coils available. These you can re-buy after they are depleted. (You know when the flavor it saturated, that the coil needs replacing). The coils below 1-ohm are suited for direct lung inhales, whilst the coils above 1-ohm are for mouth to lung inhales.

This e-cigarette has a built-in 2000mAh battery, which is large for this sized vape pen, it also boasts a large 3ml juice capacity within its tank, which is made of glass so you can see when you need to refill, using any e-liquid you desire.

This e-cigarette is available in a number of different colors, small enough to fit in your pocket and it very easy to use, without any past vaping knowledge. Just fill up the tank and start vaping!

All the best e cigs

Cigarette Or Electronic Cigarette: That Is The Question

Finding the best e cig, and best e-cigarette products aren’t actually simple, however in case you’re simply changing from cigarette products, specifically, that is the thing that you’ll need to do. To effectively stop smoking, finding the best electronic cigarette pack you can is the most effortless approach to improve the chance of leaving cigarettes behind. Being new to e cigarette products your needs are slightly different from those who have been using e cigs for some time.

It is pretty hard to determine which is the best e-cig brand, but we take a look at the requirements that new e cig users want, combine it with the experience of electronic cigarettes that we have and locate the best possible choices.

The electronic cigarette comes in all sorts of designs, just because it looks good doesn’t mean its the best. Some look like the regular cigarette, some are so small that the e cigs can fit in your pocket, just like a normal cigarette. But all of the best e-cigarette devices we talk about are better than the tobacco cigarette.

There are also many types of electronic cigarette on the market, some named cig-a-likes which as the name suggests looks like a normal cigarette. You also have vape pod e-cigs which are a more modern version of the cig-a-like e cigs. Vape pens seem to suit many when they look for the best e cig, as they are slightly better in performance. Then there are box mod ecig products, which some call vape mod ecigs, they are box-like in design and usually hold 2 18650 batteries which generate a lot of power, producing large vape clouds of greater density than your cigarette and the other e cigs as well. Although box mod e cigs may suit the more experienced electronic cigarette user, it’s quite hard to get used too, so we will not be including many of these types in our list of the best e cigs.

electronic cigarette

Best Ecig For You

Our first decision needs to be whether we are replacing the cigarette or choosing the best performing e-cigs. For this reason, we are going to break this article up looking at all types of electronic cigarette user, identify their needs and pick the best e cig that would suit them. The first type of user that we will be looking at is the user who wants to quit smoking their cigarette for good. They want to find the best ecig, to quit completely, they have no interest in using the electronic cigarette long term, just as a means to quit. The next user is of the type that also wants to quit the cigarette and move onto vaping. They enjoy smoking and want the best e-cigs to replace their smoking habit, yet continue to enjoy the experience. The next user type is that of the type where they have tried an electronic cigarette before but didn’t really stick with it, going back to the traditional cigs. They need help finding the best e cigs which will more than likely keep them away from cigarettes. The last user we are going to be looking for is the more experienced electronic cigarette user, the type who uses their e-cigarette a lot but want to find the latest and best e-cig.

All these types of users may have the same question and need to find the best ecig, but their requirements are somewhat different. Identify which type of user you are more like and finding the electronic cigarette will become that much simpler. We want you to know that we are going to give you some suggestions on which we believe are the best, but there are many other choices of electronic cigarette products out there, including some great e cigarette starter kits. Just make sure that the features we suggest are also within the e cigarette you choose.

E Cigarettes For A New User

So let’s start our search for the best e-cigarette for a brand new user. They have no idea about e-cigs, they may not even know what the e stands for (it’s electronic, by the way)! All they know is they think it’s time to quit using their regular cigs, whether it’s for health issues, a personal goal of just fed up with that stale cig smell that follows them around. We believe this type of user has two e cig choices, the vape pod e cig or the vape pen e cig. Both these products are relatively low powered electronic cigarettes that produce a similar amount of vapor as smoke from a cigarette. They also support a technique of vaping known as mouth to lung, this is where the user draws from the e-cigarette the vapor into their mouth, then into their lungs. This technique of vaping is the same technique as smoking a regular cigarette, and hence why it suits e-smokers the best.

Best e Cigarette For The New User

The Clear Fusion E Cig Starter Kit


The Clear Fusion E Cig is a starter kit from Mig Vapor, who are well known in the industry. This type of ecig is known as a vape pen and is one of the easiest electronic cigarette products to use. It allows you to choose any e-liquid you like, making it more cost effective in the long run and produces some pretty good flavor in comparison to the other e cigs in the same category.

We suggest buying an e-liquid with 6mg of nicotine in and choose either a tobacco or minty flavor to start with. This will give you a great introduction to electronic cigarettes, and giving you some time to get used to it alongside your regular cigarettes. Any higher than 6mg may produce a harsh vapor that feels scratchy on the back of your throat, for example, if you bought the best e-cigarette but used a 24mg nicotine level e-liquid, you simply would not enjoy it, jumping to the wrong conclusion that electronic cigarettes simply aren’t for you.

Electronic Cigarettes For Heavy Cigarette Users

You may jump to the wrong conclusion that a heavy cigarette smoker just needs to raise the level of nicotine in their ecig, but this is the wrong assumption! The best e-cig for this type of user is actually very different from a new user, but the e-liquid is actually the same. This type of user simply uses their electronic cigarette more often and thus intaking more nicotine over time.

We suggest the heavy cigarette user moves directly to the more powerful vape pen e-cigs, this type of e-cigarette will give the user a stronger hit to the throat and chest, consuming more nicotine and satisfying them somewhat more than the cig-a-like e cigs, and lower powered vape pens.

Best E-Cigarette For Heavy Cigarette Users

VaporFi VAIO Go Vape Pen E-Cigarette


The VaporFi VAIO Go Vape Pen E-Cigarette again comes in starter kit form, you can choose which e-liquid to accompany the kit, but again as we mentioned, suggest you choose a 6mg nicotine level, if you feel your not getting enough nicotine, just take another puff on the electronic cigarette, thus doubling the nicotine content.

Vape pens are extremely popular types of ecig, especially with ex-smokers trying to quit the cigarette. It contains a small electronic circuit that provides some safety features to keep your vaping safe. Also, the vape pen is one of the best e cig products for new users due to its simplicity of use and functions the same way across multiple brands. For example to switch the e cig off you simply click the fire button 5 times. In some of the more advanced models, you may find additional features built into the ecig, like variable voltage/wattage, battery indicators, and temperature control, but these are not common in the standard e cigarette starter kit.

Best E Cigs For A Return User

The user who has tried e cig products before may be some what skeptical about the performance and therefore we suggest moving onto a more powerful device, the best e-cig we recommend is the Freemax Twister, pictured below.

Freemax Twister Vape Pen E-Cigarette

e cig

The Freemax Twister Vape Pen e cig starter kit has similar features to the smaller vape pen type of e cigarette, only uses more of a powerful electronic battery, making it a little larger. It has a whopping 2300mAh internal battery, in comparison to the normal average 750mAh battery! The larger battery isn’t to make this e cig last longer, it’s to provide the coil more power, up to 80W. This electronic cigarette has a dial on the base which you can turn to reduce or increase the amount of wattage it uses. This makes the Freemax Twister customizable, meaning the returning user can play with the power output to get the best vape suited to them.

One of the biggest drawbacks that this ecig has is that you need to perform a direct lung inhale technique. This does take a little getting used to and is the standard technique when using an e cig that uses a sub-ohm tank. Many move onto this type of technique after using the less powered electronic cigarettes, and hence why we are only suggesting this to users who have used e cigs before.

The Freemax Twister is one of the best ecig products for this type of vaping and many e cig critics have given this product good reviews. You do get the option to try different coils within the tank, but all are sub-ohm so will still require the direct lung approach. There are many other e cigarette products with simialt features, so take a look around to find one that will suit.

Best e Cigarette For Home Vaper

Although the ecig that we have already mentioned can easily be carried around with you, for example, they fit into your pocket quite comfortably, there are some e cig devices that are a little bigger but produce what many class as the best vape. So which is the best e cig for those not worrying about carrying it around with them?

We advise that the box mod e cig is the best e cig for home vapers. The box mod ecig is considerably larger than the vape pen e cigarette and usually runs on 2 external 18650 batteries, which unfortunately are not included in the starter kit, so you will have to purchase them separately.

There are literally hundreds of different box mod, aka vape mod electronic cigarette product on the market to choose from, so to make it a little easier we are going to choose 2 which we believe are the best for 2 different reasons! Let’s take a look at these best e cig products in the box mod category.

The Smok Species Electronic Cigarette

e cigarette

The SMOK Species is a box mod ecig that is relatively cheap in price but has a whole host of features that are simple to use via its interactive electronic menu system and large screen display. Features include variable wattage, variable voltage, custom power graphs, vape timers, vape counters, battery indicators and more. The SMOK Species e-cig can also be bought in kit form which includes a sub-ohm tank. SMOK is known for producing some really good tanks, and the one that comes with the Species kit also utilizes the mesh coils to maximize the flavor of your e-liquid.

A new vaper may be a little overwhelmed with all the features, so this type of ecig is really best suited to one that has vaped before and wants to start experimenting with the direct lung inhales vape techniques. The reason that this is one of the best e cigs to buy is that SMOK offers a whole host of different coils that are compatible with this tank, each with slightly different setups for high or low wattage, so trying these different coils you will get a good idea of what you like the most, and which coil type is best for you.

The VooPoo Drag 2 Electronic Cigarette


The VooPOO Drag 2 is another box mod e cig that has the same features as the Species ecig kit but with one slight difference that only experienced vapers will notice. This difference is with the chipset, VooPoo is well known to have one of the best e-cig chipsets in the business, which not only provides all the features you could wish for but make the device one of the most accurate e cigarettes around. If you vape your e cig at around 20-50W, your likely not going to notice much difference between all the box mod type e cigs, but if you utilize higher wattages or temperature control features this is when VooPoo takes the edge. You can pay a lot of money for an e cig with a high-quality chipset like the DNA series, but VooPoo have managed to keep their box mod e cigs at a reasonable price.

Electronic Cigarette For The Smoker

The smoker who want to use the e cig to cut down their regular cigarettes has a couple of options. Although Cig-a-likes used to be the preferred choice, in recent years the technology and electronics have moved on and there are better products to choose. The first option is the same as the new user, that is the vape pen type of e cig and the Clear Fusion that we have already mentioned. The other option is pod vape e cigarettes

Vape Pod E Cigs

Pod vape electronic cigarettes have become the fastest selling type of e-cig recently thanks to their ease of use, and relatively good performance. They are very small, smaller than the vape pen ecig and because of this, they hold a small battery and thus are low wattage devices. Although some produce a good amount of vapor, don’t expect a huge cloud like you get with box mod e-cigs.

Many experts advice new users to use vape pods, believing that they are overall the best e cig for many users. We, however, are a little reserved in saying that they are the best because the small battery somewhat limits the performance. That said they are well suited to ex-smokers

The Phix Vape Pod E Cigarette

best e-cigarette

The Phix Vape Pod is one of the most popular vape pod ecig devices which offer all the features you expect from a vape pod at a very cheap price. It only has a small 280mAh battery so don’t expect too much from this e cig, buts its a great on to try if you’re new.

Aspire AVP AIO Vape Pod E Cigarette

electronic cigarette from Aspire

A far better vape pod e-cig in our opinion is the Aspire AVP AIO kit. It has a rather distinctive design but offers some really good features, including variable voltage which is rather new to these types of e cigarettes. It holds a 750mAh battery so produces a more powerful vape than the Phix and with Aspire’s vast amount of electronic cigarette experience they have built a solid tank or pod to match this device.

It is an automatic vape pod e-cigarette, which means it will activate automatically when you vape on it but it has one button where you can choose the power level from 8, 10 or 12 Watts. This doesn’t sound high, but it’s pretty good for vape pods and at the higher setting will produce a slightly warmer vape.

One of the great features within the Aspire AVP AIO Vape Pod E Cig is the ability to refill the pods. This means that you can choose your own e-liquid and your own nicotine strength. This opens up a huge choice to the user and makes it overall a cheaper way to vape than the prefilled designs.


Finding the Right E-Cig

We have already mentioned some of the best e cig products you can choose, but with the market being so big, you are not limited to our suggestions. We are now going to look at some top tips you can follow to find the best e cig to suit you. This will involve looking at some key e cig characteristics.

E Cig Product Design

The best e cigs that we have already talked about vary in size. The fact is that there are many different designs to choose from, so take a moment and think about how practical the size of the e cig means to you. Consider the following:

  • Small Electronic Cigarettes – The smaller the e cig the easier it is to carry around with you, but with this convenience comes a drawback, and in this case, it is the power of the battery.
  • Large Electronic Cigarettes – Larger e cigs like box mod hold more battery power and therefore produce more vapor giving a stronger and deeper hit. The drawback, in this case, is they are large and hard to carry in your pocket.


E Cigarette Power

The next thing you have to ask yourself when looking for the best e cig is the amount of power you want it to have. Don’t just pick the biggest e cigarette you can, if your switching from smoking you don’t need a box mod e-cig producing clouds of vapor, a smaller vape pen ecig or pod vape ecig will be more than enough.

Other things to consider concerning the power of the e-cigarette is the power rating of the battery, measured in mAh. If it 1000+ it will be good for a vape of 50W+, anything smaller will be for the lower powered e-cigarettes. In this case, the higher the mAh, the longer the battery will last before needing a recharge. Finally, take a look at the different coils that the e-cig your interested in the offer. If they only have coils over 1-ohm, the e-cig will be a low powered device and produce low/average vapor quantities. If the coil is lower than 1-ohm, known as sub-ohm, then you will need to perform the direct lung inhale technique. This will, however, produce more vapor and satisfy the more experienced ecig vaper.

ECig Features

Most ecig products come with some pretty standard features which include battery protection, overcharge protection and cut-off protection along with other safety features. But the more expensive e cigs also come with additional options like variable wattage, temperature control, passthrough vaping etc. It’s important to think about the options that are most important to you, you don’t want to pay for an all singing all dancing device that you only use for a single feature.

Long-Term E Cig Costs

One of the biggest considerations in choosing the best e cig is the cost, and we’re not just talking about the initial cost of the device. If your thinking of just trying it out, without a long-term goal of sticking to vaping, then a cheap non-refillable e-cig will suit fine. If however, you are determined on using e-cigarette for the long term, then the long-term cost is also important. The main things you need to think about are the cost of the non-refillable tanks if you go for this option, in comparison to the cost of e-liquid and spare coils. The cost of buying your own e-liquid is not only cheaper, but you have a huge amount of choice and able to shop for it anywhere. So really the cost implication is on the spare coils, check this before you buy a particular e cig kit.

e cig

Common Types of E-Cigarettes

We have already mentioned a number of e cigarette types, but here we will discuss further the types that are available on the market and the options you have.


Mini E Cigarettes – Cig-a-likes

The mini e cig or also known as the cig-a-like was one of the first e cigarettes to be introduced to the market several years ago. They comprise of a small battery with a cartomizer which contains the small circuitry to activate the e cig, the coil, cotton and e-liquid. More often than not these cartomizers are sold separately and not refillable. The popularity of cig-a-like e-cigs has dropped rapidly in recent years thanks to the overall development and improvement to the design.


Mid Size E Cigarettes – Vape Pens

Vape pens, or mid-sized e-cigs as we have heard them being called, are a lot more popular with new vapers. They consist of a considerable bigger battery than the Cig-a-like ecig and perform a lot better too. They often come with the main stem as a battery and a tank that holds the e-liquid and coil, but in most vape pens the coils can be replaced and you can choose your own e-liquid.


Vape Pod E Cigarettes

2018 and 2019 saw a huge growth in popularity with the vape pods, and some of the designs actually work really well considering the size of these units. They can easily fit into your pocket without you even knowing they are there. Again, because of there size, they are low powered devices, but thanks to the smart design of the coil produce a pretty good vape. There are some bad ones on the market though, so make sure you do your homework before choosing this type of e-cig.


Box Mods E Cigarettes

Box mod e cigs are really for more experienced vapers or vapers who want to try sub-ohm vaping at higher wattage or power levels. The most common design supports two 18650 batteries and vape from 10-200W. These types of e cigs are used with sub-ohm tanks which need substantially more wattage power than that coming from the other types of e-cig devices.

Editors Comment

Lastly, we would like to say a big thank you to Nicholas King from, who we spent many hours consulting with. Nicholas helped us with the majority of this article and was a great help in making us understand more about e cigarettes, how they work and which features the different models have. Without his help, we would have not been able to be as thorough as we have.

If you have any questions on the advice we give, then please get in contact with us and we will do our best to answer, we hope you found this article useful in choosing the best e cig and that your a little more educated about e cigarettes.

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