There are many things that e-cigarettes offer to a current, potential or looking to quit ‘would-be’ smoker of traditional tobacco cigarettes. For many an e-cig is seen to be a really great alternative for smokers to still find a means to get the nicotine hit they are used to and that they are looking for but in a way that is avoiding a lot of the health issues that are directly related to the inhalation of tobacco smoke.

A great draw to the smokeless cigarette is that these types of devices still maintain the great (and familiar) look and taste like that of a real or traditional cigarette.

What is also a real familiarity factor associated with the e-cigarette that although in actual fact it does not create smoke in the sense of burning tobacco, but instead they emit a simple water vapour that simulates the process and appearance of smoking. Because of this innovation in smoking technology they do not produce any harmful second-hand smoke which is well known to cause knock-on health issues with passive smoking. Therefore, you can use an e-cigarette in public places (such as trains, buses, airports, bars, clubs, restaurants etc.) where you cannot use a ‘normal’ cigarette as they are not categorised within the same remit as tobacco cigarettes and associated smoking bans in many countries in both Europe, America and other countries.

Another differentiator between the e-cig and a more conventional tobacco based cigarette is the fact that the vapor that is emitted form an e-cig will not stain your teeth or your fingers (a common indicator of a longer-term smoker can be the yellowing of fingertips, staining of teeth and the discoloration of nails).

E-cigarettes will also avoid the other bugbears that many non smokers in a relationship with a smoker of tobacco cigarettes will confirm including the often deemed stale cigarette odour on the breath of the smoker, on their clothes or their hair. In addition to this a typical e-cigarette are around 60% cheaper (in the US) and 75% cheaper (in the UK) than tobacco cigarettes – you can find out more about the potential savings from smoking electronic cigarettes over tobacco smoking by using our e-cigarette savings calculator. Given the facts, it’s hardly surprising why they are becoming so popular at such an incredible pace.

Is the E Cigarette for me?

Only you can truly decide whether the e cigarette is something that is suited to you, your lifestyle or your smoking habits. A number of people on this site have posted many positive E cigarette reviews detailing how the use of e cigarettes have helped them give up smoking and provided a number of positive gains so reviewing this feedback may prove useful to you.

There are many potential benefits from the use of an e cigarette, or smokeless cigarette as oppose to a traditional cigarette including; assisting any non smoking efforts that you are undertaking, you want to enjoy the feeling of smoking without a number of the potential downsides of inhaling smoke or you want to be able to smoke in many non smoking areas like; planes, trains, offices and pubs.
If you think you want to try an ecig, then check out our detailed guide on the best e cig devices on the market.

What other benefits exist for E Cigarette compared to traditional cigarettes?

There are many reasons why someone would look to buy electronic cigarettes and move away from traditional smoking above and beyond that mentioned above. Without doubt, there are many associated negative health aspects of inhaling the smoke that you can avoid with the e cigarette and in many cases people will opt for electronic cigarettes as a stepping stone to quitting smoking completely.

Some of the less well known benefits of the e cigarette include the fact that you will not be subject to the smoke smells that often linger on clothing, in rooms and on furniture with traditional smoking. In addition to this, the stains on teeth and fingers that are telltale signs of traditional smokers can be avoided altogether. For those with young families or simply conscious of the effect of passive smoking for those in the near vicinity of traditional smokers the electronic cigarette can again overcome these issues completely.


Electronic cigarettes are not intended as nicotine replacement therapy nor are they a cessation device. Electronic cigarettes contain no tar or tobacco. Electronic cigarettes are intended for use by existing smokers aged 18 or over as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes. Not to be used by children, pregnant or breastfeeding women or persons in ill health. If unsure of use please consult your doctor.


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